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h&k small engine repair l.l.c in Asheville 

H&k Small Engine Repair Co 4&2 Cycle Engine Repair lawn mower and atv repair in Fletcher Lawnmower Repair Blade & Chain Sharpening Tire Repair H&k Small EngineRepair Co in Fletcher H&K lawn mower  asheville, we work on all major brands, Husqvarna, Stihl, Honda, Troy-Bilt, Toro, Briggs & Straton, Tecumseh, just to name a few.riding lawn mower repair <meta name="p:domain_verify" content="8058b12e2d510f9a04ebbb17698da6f6"/>

We work on most Tecumseh, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler and Honda engines. These top quality manufactures power many of the residential and commercial equipment you will typically use today. Bring us your lawnmower, leaf blower, chainsaw, string trimmer, generator, garden tiller, or just about anything gasoline powered that needs servicing, and we will do a thorough inspection. Once the issue has been determined we will contact you in a timely fashion with an estimate of the repair cost. Some of the general repair work we do here at H&K is oil changes, blade and chain sharpening or replacement, belt replacement, bearing replacement, tire repair, engine rebuilds, tune-ups, carburetor rebuilding or just about anything related to small engine repair.  I mostly work on 4 cycle engines, but will make repairs on higher end 2 cycle engines as well. Many of today’s 2 cycle gas trimmers found at discount stores are designed cheaply, because they were built to be disposable. In these cases, it would not be economical to try and repair them. They can be repaired but usually the cost to repair them far exceeds the cost to replace it.
Thank you for visiting H&K Small Engine Repair Company!
​We have opened our shop in the Fletcher community of Buncombe county to fill a growing need in the small engine repair business.  Like most people, we try to save money when possible, especially in today’s unsecured economy.  My grandfather would say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We encourage people to take care of their power equipment the best they can, but will be standing by for when things do break or no longer function properly.  ​It is usually a lot cheaper to do repairs on your current lawnmower/equipment, than it would be to by a new model.
​A new self propelled mower can cost $300.00 or more! 
​If your old mower or equipment is mechanically sound and just needs a general tune up, it can be usually done for $40 -$80 depending on what is needed. This will give your current mower/equipment that “like new” sound and performance. I have seen perfectly fine mowers in the scrap yard. A lawn mower is a well designed piece of equipment that lends itself well to repairs.  These mowers were unknowingly left for junk because they no longer ran correctly. This is not only a total waste of money, but sends perfectly fine pieces of equipment to be recycled, long before it is time. 
​Think of H&K Small Engine Repair as a power equipment recycler!